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Nick Andrews

I was born in Southwestern Wyoming in 1990. Growing up in Wyoming comes with pride, and a bit of a cocky swagger. I love hunting, fishing, boating, and exploring the outdoors. Places like Grand Teton National Park, and the Green River Lakes just a few hours' drive from where I grew up, served as picture-perfect outlets for my explorative nature. I think Wyoming is the most beautiful place on Earth and I will argue that until the day I die. Hockey, the first sport I ever played, is to this day the sport that holds the most sincere emotional ties for me. However, I also tried my luck at baseball, football, and golf, never exceeding the ranks of mediocre as an individual. My high school football team was state runner-up my senior year. In the state championship game, trailing 23-21, we missed the 40-yard field goal which would have won it in the closing seconds. It’s still a sore spot. At practice and on sports trips, I found myself criticizing coaches and other players. My friends used to laugh at the way I used clever wording and diction to “critique” our team. My talents got me a job at a radio station where I call local high school football games for the local class 2A high schools as well as write a column on the team I used to be a part of. Some prefer universities, and while I am sure I’ll find myself on a large campus in the near future, I am content working for a radio station doing sports and music, writing about football for the local newspaper, and enjoying my home in southwest Wyoming. I am a full time student at Western Wyoming Community College in Rock Springs, majoring in communication. I will graduate in December 2011; after graduation, I will transfer to a university. The short list of transfer options are Ole Miss, Florida, Illinois, San Francisco State, and Utah. If you have an opinion on where I should attend college, feel free to let me know. But, for now, I get to live where I love and do what drives me. If you haven’t, come check out Wyoming, and when you get here, give me a call. You can also follow me on Twitter at @nickandrews1.

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