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City Administrator Gets Raise , Keeps Vehicle After Controversy

In the previous weeks The Radio Network has reported on the ongoing controversy at Green River City Hall involving City Administrator Marty Black and his failure to report personal usage on his city vehicle ,a 4 door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, provided to him by the city as part of his contract. Here's an update to how the controversy was resolved by the city council.

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City Administrator in Hot Water

The following is an unedited e-mail chain between City Administrator Marty Black, Mayor Hank Castillion, and City Councilman Gary Killpack , in regards to the improper use/reporting of miles of a city vehicle by City Administrator Marty Black.

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Fremont Teens Potentially Charged as Adults

Fremont County prosecutors say two teenagers held in the bike trail slaying of a man and beating of a woman could be charged as adults.