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Ryan Claxton

How We Met:

It was December 30th 2010 me and a group of my friends had decided to go to Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve.  I also knew of a another group of friends that I hadn’t seen in quite awhile was going to be in Las Vegas for New Years Eve as well, so we had decided to at least grab a few drinks together when we all arrived in Vegas.

New Year’s Eve was upon us and my friends and I went over to our other friends’ hotel to meet up and see what their plans were for the evening and have a few drinks.  It was here that I was first truly introduced to my future Sweetheart.  It was one of my friends’ sisters and I actually had recognized her because she worked at the Rec. Center in Green River.  However, I never knew who she was or that she was my friends’ sister.  Later all of us decided to go down to the strip as we were walking down on the casino floor she said that she wanted to go get her coat from the car, so I said I would go with her so she wouldn’t have to go alone and our friends could venture out onto the strip and get ready for the countdown to 2011. 

We talked and flirted while we went and searched for their car in the parking garage, which turned into quite that task because she wasn’t exactly sure where they had parked the car.  We eventually found the car and picked up her coat and made our way to the strip.  We were in the middle of Las Vegas Blvd. in front of The Flamingo Hotel & Casino when the countdown started.  10...9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…We both yelled Happy New Year along with the huge crowd that was packed onto Las Vegas Blvd.  It was right then, that we had our first kiss as the fireworks were shooting off above our heads into the night sky.  

We found our friends and went into a casino where we grabbed a drink and ended up dancing the rest of the night together in front of the house band, our friends, and other New Year’s Eve partiers.  As we both came to find out I had recently moved back to Green River from Oregon and she was finishing up school at WWCC.  So, not only did we meet in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve, it also turned out she actually lived where I did, and come to find out that our parents houses are literally 6 houses away from each other where we spent both our childhoods.  The world and fate works in great and mysterious ways…we are still together, she is still my Sweetheart, and not only was it by far the best New Years either of us have ever had, but also the best first kiss we could have ever imagined.