Passenger in Little America Crash Dies, Driver Arrested

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Passenger in Little America Crash Dies, Driver Arrested

The 18 year old nephew of the wife of the driver of the man who crashed his vehicle at Little American on December 14th has died. Sweetwater County Detective Dick Blust Jr. tells us that 49 year old Loren Veldhuizen of Stevenson, California has now been charged with multiple felony and misdemeanor charges including aggravated homicide by vehicle.

Loren Veldhuizen, who was admitted to Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County in Rock Springs after the crash, was placed under arrest there on December 17.  He will be transferred to the Sweetwater County Detention Center once released by medical authorities.

According to court documents, Veldhuizen is on medications that should not be mixed with alcohol. He allegedly admitted that he had taken a drink from a bottle of Black Velvet at the truck stop in Rawlins. An open bottle of Black Velvet was recovered from the vehicle with about three shots gone.
Veldhuizen also admitted that he doesn’t have a current driver’s license because he’s failed the eye test and that he had previously blacked out when combining his prescription medication with alcohol. No bond has been set as of press time.