Make A Wish Foundation Video

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The athletic rivalry between the teams of two Wyoming high schools has fueled the success of a philanthropic project  sponsored by both schools which ultimately benefits Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Green River, a community of just under 12,000 people and Rock Springs, population 21,000, located along I-80 in the southwest corner of Sweetwater County, Wyoming, have turned their athletic rivalry into a way to show love for their fellow man by making the wishes of sick children come true.  In conjunction with their yearly rivalry basketball games, each school  competes to collect the most money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Every year, each school makes a child’s wish come true through the generous contributions of their student bodies and their communities.

Wyoming is the 6th largest contributor to Make-A-Wish in the United States and this year, Rock Springs and Green River competed to make a total of over $86,000.  Through a common goal, these two communities have turned their arch rivalry into a means of helping humanity.  

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