Come Roll The Dice With Us!

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Come Roll The Dice With Us!
It's The Radio Network's exciting new promotion and your chance to win $100,000 !!! 

Roll With Us Rules
1. Each participant must visit the 10 participating sponsors and receive one
stamp per business.
2. Each stamp card must have all 10 stamps spelling “Lucky Dice” to be entered
in the drawing.


3. Stamp cards can be picked up, stamped and submitted, from April 1st through
May 2nd.
4. On May 3rd, at 12pm, Radio Network employees will draw 10 winners from
all submitted stamp cards.
5. Cards are submitted at any sponsor location.
6. Participants can enter more than one stamp card, however cannot have more
than one stamp card stamped at once. Meaning….after the participant has a
fully stamped card and has submitted that card, they can receive another
stamp card and start again, revisiting each participating sponsor and getting
stamped a second time.
7. Rolling order for participants will be determined by random. No one
contestant may be selected to participate on more than one occasion.
8. Rollers will roll all 5 dice at one time. Dice must roll past the Radio Network
finish-line, and must not pass the Radio Network start-line.
9. Each die must come to rest a minimum of six feet from where the roll/throw
was initiated and make a minimum of two complete rotations while in the
10. Any die that is stacked or leaning in any fashion will void the roll/throw and
the contestant will be allowed a replacement roll/throw of that die only.
11. No part of the roller’s body or clothing may come in contact with the start
lines prior to releasing the roll/throw.
12. If one or more dice does not roll end over end or if it does not make it past
the finish-line, that dice can be rolled again.
13. There will only be ONE $100,000.00 winner. If a participant rolls the dice
winning the $100,000.00, all rollers left over will still get to roll, but will not
be eligible for the grand prize of $100,000.00.
14. Rollers will receive $50 for every Radio Network logo they roll.
15. Rollers will receive one $100 gift certificate from one of the participating
sponsors, to be drawn from the roller at random.
16. Rollers must consent to being videoed at time of rolling.
17. Odds on Promotions reserve the right to use winner(s) name and likeness for
promotional purposes without further notice or compensation.
18. Current or former employees, family members, agents, successors, or
assignees of the Radio Network, or any promotional agency involved with
Roll with Us shall be ineligible to participate.
19. Participants shall not be permitted any practice, warm-up, or qualifying
rolls/throws at any time after his/her stamp card is drawn until the official
rolling begins.
20. Prior to rolling the dice, rollers must enter their name, signature, and
daytime phone number in the “Contestant Sign-In Binder”.
21. In order to qualify for the $100,000.00, rollers must successfully roll all
oversized dice all at once with the Radio Network logo coming to rest on all five dice.