City Administrator Gets Raise , Keeps Vehicle After Controversy

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City Administrator Gets Raise , Keeps Vehicle After Controversy

In the previous weeks The Radio Network has reported on the ongoing controversy at Green River City Hall involving City Administrator Marty Black and his failure to report personal usage on his city vehicle ,a 4 door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, provided to him by the city as part of his contract. Here's an update to how the controversy was resolved by the city council.

In a chain of City Employee E-mails obtained by The Radio Network and posted on our website here,  Councilman Gary Killpack pointed out to the Mayor and Council that City Administrator black had driven his vehicle over 10,000 personal miles in 6 months without reporting them to the finance department as required by law if a city vehicle has personal use rights associated with it as his did. The council did not touch on the issue during the regular agenda Tuesday night, but they did go into an executive session for 45 minutes for personnel matters, and came back to the chambers with an amendment to the City Administrators contract.

The motion to approve the Amendment was made as just that , a motion to approve an amendment to the city administrators contract; without any clarification on what the amendment entailed. Councilman Gary Killpack however, went into some detail on the amendment while giving his reasoning on why he would vote against the motion

As Killpack explained, the amendment made many changes to the city administrators contract, mainly the removal of the vehicle allowance clause for the City Administrator's personal use of the vehicle. Meaning he can only use the vehicle to get to and from work and for mileage associated with his duties related to the City of Green River.

The changes didn't stop there, as the amendment also gave the City Administrator a $5,000 raise , from $130,000 per year to $135,000 per year. The salary increase is meant to cover the cost of payments the City Administrator would incur from buying his own vehicle for personal use.

To recap the amendment,City Administrator Marty Black will retain usage of the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon for transportation to and from work and for other work related travel, and also receive a $5,000 salary increase to compensate for the removal of personal usage. The amendment passed 5-1, with Killpack being the only no vote. When asked for comment, both Black and the Mayor gave none.