Broncos v.s. Brady

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The Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots met earlier this year with New England winning 41-23 in Denver. With the Bronco/Patriot rematch coming up this Saturday at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA. for the second round of the NFL play-offs, there are a few things to keep in mind. 



Green River native, Marshal Cummings 'Tebows' at work.

Tebow Mania has propelled the Denver Broncos into the second round of the NFL play-offs.

First of all, the Broncos ran the ball heavily, when they were down, they passed the football; which, even though the numbers are balanced, is not a balanced attack. Secondly, the Patriots give up over 290 yards per game in the air and more importantly, they have given up 79 passing plays this season of over 20 yards. When the Broncos pass the ball, they throw it down the field for big plays. The New England secondary will have fits guarding the Bronco receivers while Tebow moves around in the pocket.


New England has a field general in Tom Brady while The Broncos have a home run hitter with Tim Tebow. The pressure is on Brady. He will have to manage the game and shy away from big plays. The Pats will need to possess the football.


As far as personnel goes, the interesting match ups are as follows: Can rookie Bronco linebacker, Von Miller guard New England tight ends Ron Gronkowski, and Evan Hernandez. The Broncos have Champ Bailey, possibly the best corner back to ever play football while, the Patriots have one of the best slot receivers of his time, Wes Welker.


If the Broncos game plan well, hit big plays and keep running the football, they have more than a legitimate chance in this one. It is too hard to have a set plan against the Patriots because they are so well coached, but, one thing that is consistent with Bronco wins is, they are both taking what the defense gives them, and they hit the quarterback. It will have to be a total team effort but, they will get it done 35-31 in New England and will advance to the AFC Championship game.


The Broncos’ run this year has been magical, click on the media player to hear highlights from the Bronco’s play by play man, Dave Logan.