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Grizzly Bear Capture Study to Start in Yellowstone

Researchers plan to start capturing grizzly bears in Yellowstone National Park starting Monday and continuing through July 15. Park officials say the work by biologists with the Inter-agency Grizzly Bear Study Team is part of ongoing monitoring of grizzlies in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. 

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Deadline for Hunting Liscenses Approaches

The deadline is coming up fast for Wyoming resident big game hunters to apply online for limited quota elk, deer, and antelope licenses. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department says the deadline for submitting online applications is 5 p.m. May 31. The deadline to submit paper applications was May 15. The department says that it currently receives more than 90% of hunters' applications online. It says that applying online is not only more convenient for hunters but also saves more for the department and reduces errors.

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USDA says SE Wyoming Emerging From Drought

The latest report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture shows southeast Wyoming may be emerging from 11 months of drought. The USDA's weekly Drought Monitor out Thursday shows the Cheyenne area has been downgraded from "moderate drought" to "abnormally dry."